Went to see Shutter Island with Annelise, Aj, and Rachna after a nice day on newborn nursery. We were dog tired after a nice greasy meal at Sean Cummings, but determined to do stuff normal people would do on a Friday night. We dragged ourselves to the theater, where I suggested Annelise should try an Icee as she’s never had one. It was also the sugar boost we needed to stay awake. We ordered three small Icees and what we got was three gallons of slushy goodness. Well, I exaggerate, but it was close to a liter  each cup.  We thought it was a mistake, but the guy explained that they got a new shipment of huge cups.  Those became their new large size, so their old large became the new medium, and the medium became the new small. Old small became obsolete, along with the battle against childhood obesity.

Rachna said something about how they didn’t have this super-size me thing  in Canada. I’m pretty sure she’s not Canadian.

Annelise took a sip and compared it to a snocone. An Icee philistine.

This is the second film I’ve seen with Rachna and I have to say she’s one of the top people to sit next to. She does just the right amount of talking, facial expression exchanging, and popcorn sharing. 5/5 stars. Go see a movie with this woman.

I sat near the aisle and so didn’t spend a lot of time sitting next to AJ nor Annelise. Their movie buddy ratings will have to wait for now.

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