End of NICU rotation

NICU nurse practitioner: We’re going to miss Pau-ul Dasari.

Me: I feel like the stepchild of this rotation. The red-headed stepchild.

Adrienne: I was a red-headed step-child…

Me: Uh, I mean the phrase in its metaphorical sense…

Adrienne (making shoveling motions): Keep on a-diggin’


Calling lacation consult

Me: Hello?

Other person: Hello, this is Michelle.

Me: Hi, I’m calling for  a lactation consult.

Michelle: …this is Michelle.

Me: OH! Michelle, NICU Michelle. I’m sorry…the number listed for lactation was this one

Michelle: I can’t help you with lactation, sorry. Was this a joke? Are you making fun of my lack of…

Me: NO! No, no I wasn’t. But I wish I did think of this joke, because it would have been pretty funny.

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