Today the southsiders met up for sushi at our favorite sushi place, Sushi Go-Go. Its popularity has outgrown its 5 table size, and Evan joked about opening a nearby sushi place for the spill over crown. “Graham’s Old Timey Sushi”, or something like that. Stephanie suggested Sushi Oh No. “The health inspector has banned us from using actual raw fish.”
The kids were adorable. Pierson tried to grab food from the table next to us. Abby ate soy sauce. It was endearing to see that even when Abby got upset at her mom, the only thing she wanted to console her was…her mom. I think Trinity has gained some serious muscle carrying Pierson around.

The convo went to shoes, namely the new star wars line of shoes by Adidas that Gina found. then we learn about Adrienne’s husband Jason’s wingtip collection. Labeled. By the year.
I think I might get the Xwing inspired tennis shoe. I have a fondness for the Adidas brand since the age of 11 when cousin Philip shared with us that he was distantly related to the founder of the company, Adi Dasler. However, I’m not sure how true this is because Philip also claimed he personally baked Girl Scout cookies from scratch with his dad .

Apologizes for doubting you Phil. Wikipedia stands behind you in that an Adi Dasler actually existed. But you did totally lie about those Girl scout cookies.

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  1. Hah! I told you so. Puma too, technically.

    I have no comment about Girl Scout cookies at this time.

  2. I guess Evan and I are technically still southsiders since we’re both from there.

    HEY, we should get matching shoes again!!! Only I’ll also buy the other pairs I like because I love shoes…

  3. Jason has Nike Tailwinds.

    I can only imagine if he had wingtips (

    • Hahaha…oops. I had this glorious image in my mind of decades upon decades of wingtips filling your shoe closet someday. I’m quite disappointed.

  4. phil, i want the thin mints recipe.

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