My PICU month ends tomorrow. It seems foreeeevvverrrrrr ago when I first started. So many things happened…We had a fun group. We weren’t always efficient, but we traded that for moments like watching Chapelle show, or Pepsuber commericials. Steph the PA student was a blessing to have around, because I used her notes to help me write my own. When she left, I was faced with daily screens of vast blankness.
Alain ate the cookies I saved from lunch. Punk.

One thing I can say for sure is I’m leaving a better resident. How much better? I don’t know. I’m better at guessing what the PICU nurses are hinting I should do.
By the by, part of the improvement is from the PICU nurses who are aces. On my first call night one pregnant nurse had her water break. She just sat there, finished her notes and charting, and then went to have a baby. It was amazing.
Overall they are a fun crew. Jennifer talked about our personalities. She said Pal was nice, Amar sensitive. I asked what she thought of me. She said she couldn’t tell because I was quiet. “Quiet like a serial killer?” I asked. This comment worried sensitive Amar.

I also learned a lot from the attendings, especially Dr. Henry and Allen. Gormley is cool, but I kept having these dreams where I’m on call and I frantically call him on the Spectralink phone, only to forget my question right when he answers.
It’s the doctor version of showing up at school without pants on. Only less universal and a bit more pathetic.

Now I’m sitting in my favorite place, in front of my computer at home with my heating pad next to me. It’s broken I think. I overused it already. Time to type up some interim summaries for the next gang to come in.

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  1. Oh no! the heating pad is broken? You may have worn it thin and now the electrical coils are exposed and short circuiting. Maybe I should just send you a snuggie.

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