I miss the warm weather. And my winter eczema was just clearing up too. Le sigh.

I was browsing the internets since I have an aversion to driving in the cold and had nothing else to really do. I came across this.

Ain’t it cute? Not 18 dollars cute, but cute.
I think I’d make such an awesome girlfriend. For Valentine’s Day, I’d be all, “For you, Valentine, my heart” and then proceed to pull this plush heart out of my chest David Blaine/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style. Preferably at a very fancy, snobby restaurant for extra dramatic response. Then maybe pull out tickets to Boyz II Men from my appendix. Romantic. And this, my mom would say, is why I am still single.

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  1. I thought ur still single cuz u don’t put out

    • why do you have to humiliate me always?

  2. So romantic! I’d date you. Now if only I could get over that whole liking boys thing.

    Oh, and I guess being married is probably also a hindrance. Didn’t think about that one.

    • Feel free to use my ideas on Phil. i know he’d appreciate it too.

  3. The biggest drawback to this idea is when i really do have appendicitis no one would know, and instead wait expectantly for me to pull out a gift or something.

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