everyone needs a theme song

i’m making ring tones to go with my phone (inspired by Gormley, I guess). I asked Gina what song should be her ringtone, but she couldn’t make up any. Caleb’s old ringtone for me was this, but that was only as a joke. A tragic, unfunny joke. He uses that ringtone for his dad now.
I’m gonna try to think of a list for peeps on my phone. Any suggestions?

For Jennifer, it’ll be “Here it Goes Again”. I think that one fits nicely with the way I feel whenever she calls.

Years ago, when Jason was working at the 1960s Sun newspaper, his coworkers were all choosing theme songs that should play whenever they walked in a room, and Jason’s was Toxic by Britney Spears. As a joke. I think. That will be his. Or anything by 1950s version of Britney Spears, Lesley Gore. I think he had a little anachronistic crush on her.

Gina wants an N’sync song, but seriously, I was never an N’sync girl (come on, how can you be when BSB was making classics like this one?). The only ones I liked where God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You and This I Promise you. I don’t know if I want those as ringtones. Too sappy/romantic-y. Maybe a Beatles song will work. She did suggest Flight of the Bumblebee. I like that one.

(on a sidenote, after watching all those videos, I think one of the N’sync boys looks like John Ruth. Sorta.)

The rest of the list

Kevin: Mr Tangerine Speedo– I think that’s his latest favorite song. But I don’t know if I want that ever suddenly playing while I’m rounding or with a patient, so maybe another song by his favorite band, They Must Be Giants, might better.

Annelise: My Vampire Heart. Duh. Or Defying Gravity cover by the Glee cast.

Christine King: Wrong Way by Sublime. We listened to this when we went to explore the abandoned insane asylum outside of Austin.
In the daytime. With lots of other people.

Nancy: Drink with Me, Les Miserables soundtrack. This was one of her fav songs of fav songs on the CD that we sang along to. And it’s about friendship.

Tricia: Anything from the ‘To Kelly From Justin’ soundtrack. Does anyone remember that movie? I know Tricia does, because I never let her forget that she ever rented it.

Aj: Shorty Gonna Be a Thug by Tupac, or anything from the Sound of Music soundtrack. (shrug) That is the spectrum that Aj encompasses.

Stephen Chao: Gravity, by Vienna Teng, since he introduced me to her. The night we went to see Vienna I had to pee really bad so I ran into the club and accosted the first person I saw, dancing in place, barking “Bathroom! Where!” and the shocked girl just pointed to the back. I run through the doors. A few seconds later, you see me walking out slowly, jaw dropped, awestruck. It had finally hit me that the girl was Vienna. I go up to her and shake her hand, which I think kind of disgusted her, even though I had washed my hands and everything.
By the way, I have no idea what the music video is about- did the guy turn into a pocket watch at the end? But it makes me want to learn to play the song on piano badly.
(If I ever have kids, I would sing her Lullaby song to them. Poor bastards.)

Mehwish: That ‘Thank you song’ by Lily Allen.You know, Mehwish. It went ‘Thank you! Thank you very muuch.’ Right? No, but that was the way you sang along to it. And then we laughed and laughed. Sadly, it’s too offensive to use as a real ring tone.

Netsanet: Soon Love Soon, by Vienna Teng. It’s cool, catchy, and spiritual. Just like Netsanet! Sadly no good versions on youtube.

Adrienne: Gorillaz, maybe? Her dad’s music is actually in one of their songs. I forget which one. hmm, I need more time with this one.

Kelly: That Bleeding love song, from when we went to see So You Think You Can Dance. Or LOTRO sound track!

Erin: The opening chords to Billie Jean, as Erin is our residency moonwalker extraodinaire.

Angela Yaffe: Boys II men, any song. But the old school sounds of Motownphilly would stand out. “And all the philly steaks you could eat.”

Rachna:Uh oh, I don’t know! I don’t know of a song to apply to Rachna. Maybe I’ll just take a sound clip from New Moon of Jacob Black saying something romantical, like “I’ve got a vampire to kill” or “Age is just a number, baby.” I also enjoyed “You look like you belong in a hospital. Do you want me to put you in the hospital?” because it makes no sense.

More to follow…

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  1. for some reason i associate ‘toxic’ with jason, as well. i have no idea why. must be something i can’t quite remember. i know you never told me about the newspaper thing.

    i watched ‘from justin to kelly’ with dair! i still have it in my brain’s quick-access list as perhaps the worst movie i’ve ever seen.

    • hmmm weird. very very weird.

  2. Might I suggest “I lost my lucky ball and chain” or “Women and Men” for Kevin
    Those are two awesome TMBG songs.

    • And what about for you Ep? I was thinking maybe Run Ronnie Run “3 times 1 minus 1?”

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