I got to hang out at Mandy’s house the other day. First thing you notice when you walk in, besides how cozy and clean it all is, are the dogs. She has 4 full grown labs, all rescue. My favorite is Beau, a three legged old black lab. He’ll hop with barely restrained excitement and then slow-motion slump lovingly into your side. He reminds me a lot of the Lil’ Brudder clip on Homestarrunner.com.
Gracie is the girl of the bunch, a yellow slender lab whose looks matches her name. She places her head into your hands for petting and will stare adoringly into your eyes. Non-stop, soulful staring. Long, sparkly eyed, unblinking stares. The kind of stare that continues even if you look away- when you stealthily glance back, she’s still there, peering deeply into the window of your soul, a doggy grin on her face and a slight wag of the tail. You can try gently coaxing her eyelids down, but this only works for a second.
Mandy got out her guitar and started playing some songs. The first song she sang was Chris Pureka’s “Burning Bridges*,” only with a lot more curse words thrown in every time she made a mistake. I used Gracie as a bongo drum and tapped out some beats along with the music. Or maybe more like a dejembe. Either way, Gracie didn’t seem to mind, which is good as I hope for another jam session in the future.


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