PICU scares me the most of all peds rotations. That being said, it’s as scary as, oh, say a very bad rug burn. Not impossible to handle. I should quit whining.
Seriously, though, after this I will feel pretty durned good about the rest of my rotations. At least I have Laura as team leader. I’ve learned many things from her, like how to hide a dead body, or strategies to make post-call mornings bearable (answer: a clean pair of underpants).

In a rush of sentimentalism the other day during interviewee lunch, Gina -I think- proposed that our whole class should be chief residents so we can hang together for one more year. We’d have to apply to different programs away from each other though, to make it less suspicious. I can’t think of a better testament to our program than a statement like that (said in sincerity, of course).

Cold weather is upon us. It’s going to be -15 degrees with wind chill and all. The medical center sent an email telling us to pack shovels, mittens, coats, food, water, etc for emergency supplies. I tossed a half-drunken bottle of Dasani and a bag of M&M’s in my car. The water in the bottle promptly froze. If I were dying of thirst stranded in a place no one could truly reach me, I would have to sit on it or something to get it to melt. I’m not sure if my half-assed effort is worth anything, but it’s too cold outside to go buy supplies.

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  1. That WAS me! I joked with Dr. Shropshire about it the other day too and she said the gen peds attendings would love having all that extra help ;)

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