It’s Wednesday already? Nooooo!
Had dinner with Gina and Evan tonight. Butterscotchtini’s are delicious and expensive. I didn’t get tachy tonight, though Gina did. The last time we drank together ( a year ago?) it was the other way around, Gina handled the peche beer fine, and I got sick.
I don’t understand metabolism.

Yesterday saw Avatar with Brie and Christa. We enjoyed it, except for the part with the blue people making out and stuff. I thought it was great until I spoke to Sarah about it.
Sarah: I liked Titanic better.
Me:I don’t know…they’re kind of equal. I like the story in Avatar a bit more.
Sarah: I liked the story in Avatar too, especially when I first saw it years ago and it was called ‘Ferngully’

Darn it Sarah. Now I only see Avatar as a every expensive, grown-up version of Ferngully (which I hated as a kid. Too blatantly environmental for young Jasmine).

And then I got an email from an old friend. Crystal f’ing Adams. I have a few favorite people in this world, and Crystal is definitely one of them. Here is what she wrote:

Well, Jasmine Dao…where in tarnation have you been? :) I thought you would be traveling across the prairie in a covered wagon with your 6 children by now. Or whatever they do in Oklahoma. Actually maybe you are…and you’re just on a really great 3G network. With lots of annoying people following you around saying “Can you hear me now?”

Oh Crystal, if only I were living that dream. If only…

And then ends the email in true awesome friend fashion- with a link.
“I have a great website that I think you will love. Check out

Thanks Crystal. You made my day.

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  1. I want to talk to Crystal!! I’ve thought about her SOOO many times over the past couple of years, and I couldn’t find her on facebook. Send her my way….or send me her way!

    • will do! Just a warning though, she usually takes from 3-6 months to reply. It’s always worth it in the end.

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