Snow days

Me: Caleb, the snow is beautiful tonight.
Caleb (in reflective agreement): Yup. Not deadly, like last time.

Last week OKC got some historic snowfall. Stupid me, without TV, had no idea what weather conditions were like. I went to sleep in relatively mild winter and woke up to a world covered in white. I thought the snow was falling a bit too hard, but what did I know? Nevermind that I had to walk backwards because the mix of wind and snow made it impossible to see a times. I figured that was normal. What usually is a 15 minute drive ended up taking 3 hours (plus one gas station break, where I tried to make my way back home only to find my path already blocked). Stupidity + tenacity= me.
The hospital was on lockdown that night, and I wondered if this is how the Donner party might have felt in the beginning.
I hung out in the lounge in the quieter hours. John was still feeling really sick. I mean ill. When I looked at him, pictures of the tombstone from the Oregon Trail game came to mind. I worried about him, but he managed to stay alive the whole week.
At least it wasn't from cholera
Due to weather and a want to avoid driving on ice, I refused to leave the hospital for three nights. The cafeteria had free chicken fried steak for lunch and dinner those very three days. I ate that and some dismembered gingerbread men someone left in the lounge. While it was more tiresome than I originally imagined, there were some good opportunities. I got to talk to Mandy a lot more than I usually do, and she bought me a lens cap. I saw mostly ER crew and played Scrabble with Adrienne. Angela sent me updates on road conditions, ending long descriptions with “and now back to you, Rick.”
Sam the intern filled out an application at Hideaway Pizza for me. Does this mean she doesn’t like me as an upper level? Or does she see some potential in me others don’t? Jasmine Wanda Dao, searching for my dream job as a dishwasher/fork-licker, with my bike as my only transportation. It reminded me of my little sister, who used to fill out applications for me during my college hunting days (Jennifer’s entry under ‘Major’: I am not interested in the armee).
After that first night, I found Amar and Minesh roaming around, looking to take pictures of people. I guess they were imagining some glorious slumber party complete with sleeping bags, gossip, and a taffy pull (I base my knowledge of slumber parties on The Patty Duke Show).
It was fun working with Dr. Williams, Sparkman, Dupuis, Spencer (who offered Java Dave’s if we picked it up), and what’s his face. Oh, yeah, Keller. It was my first time working with Dupuis. He hits me on the head with the chart when I’m wrong. It’s done humanely, in case anyone’s worried.
Sam the ER nurse and I talked about Big Truck Tacos. She tried giving me directions to there. “It’s right next to the tattoo/body piercing shop down that road.” “Yeah, Sam. Um, I don’t know where that is. Never had to go there.”
“Well, now in case you’re in the mood for a taco and body piercing, you know where you can.”
Then we got into who makes the better Rice Krispy treat bars. I tried to explain that the browned butter gives it a lightly nutty taste. “Like peanut butter?” “No, Sam.” “So, like, a nutty buddy bar?” “No Sam, that’s still peanut butter.” “Like a nutter butter?” “…”
We decided we’d just have to have a cook off one of these days and play scrabble to boot. If only there would be a taffy pull too.

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