I’ve been having recurring bad dreams lately. The kind that leaves you waking up up feeling particularly sad. It happened again while I was on newborn call, and I was glad to see Mehwish working at the computer next to me.
Me: Mehwish…I just had a horrible dream.
Mehwish: What happened Jasmine?
Me: ..No, nevermind. It’s stupid.
Mehwish: No, tell me.
Me: I dreamt I just bought this goldfish, very cute little goldfish that I loved. It was in a bag, and I was sitting in a car, and I accidentally sat on it and I killed it with my fat ass.
Mehwish: Hahaha!
Me: It’s not funny! I really loved that little goldfish..
Mehwish (turning back to her work): Oh Jasmine, you’re so cute.

After not getting a lot of empathy from Mehwish, I brought up the dreams again while having a deep heart to heart conversation with Tricia about our life’s sorrows.

Tricia (interrupting me halfway through): Jasmine, are you trying to make me laugh?

No one understands. No one.

RIP, Goldfish. And please stop haunting my dreams

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  1. Before Moira, the only pets I’d had were some goldfish from Walmart and a cricket we caught in the backyard. One of those goldfish actually made it past a few days at home and I was heartbroken when it died after about a month. RIP 25 cent goldfish :(

  2. I understand!

  3. I just wanted to add that I’m still glad Mehwish was nearby. It made me feel better and we did talk about other stuff afterwards.

  4. Maybe it is a warning, becareful not to sit on a baby.

  5. Steph had two Goldfish once, after they died she left them in their tank for a week until I came into town. Steph doesnt handle dead goldfish.

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