The Christmas holiday celebrations have gone swimmingly. Most of the Secret Santas have been chosen. Adrienne comandeered some lumbar puncture supplies to hang on the tree. My friends are so resourceful! The bottles twinkle like laboratory icicles.
I think Aj mentioned something about putting CSF in them and then someone (laura?) said to put ketchup in them instead because that’s how most really look, all bloody and clotted. It was all very medically funny and dorky.
The tree has really taken a life of its own. It started off as a spontaneous silly way to spend an hour, then we MacGyver’d up decorations until it became a colossus of stethoscopes, culture tubes, interview feedback forms, and lidocaine bottles.
If we were in a Roald Dahl book, it’d come to life, this heap of color and stuff.

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  1. I had the ketchup idea.
    That tree is pretty fabulous.

    • that’s right! you said it just as you were walking out the door to go to do intubations. I didn’t mean to mix you white girls up.

  2. please post a pic. my curiosity is piqued!

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