It was, technically, a bad call night. 14 admits for Amar and Aj, Rachna stayed pretty busy, hospitalist admits kept rolling in for Erin, and I sent a child to the PICU in the am. But first we had the post-thanksgiving luncheon with lots of food (the maple cream pie worked out. And no one had diarrhea that I know of!), then Angeline and Minesh came to visit with really good turkey, and then at midnight Azif and Susha brought us sandwiches from some place I’m not sure how to spell. Mandy offered to come by as well. All these friends coming by to visit us for moral support. We’re all pretty awesome.
Erin and I went to the ER and checked on a fish people suggested calling a code blue for. Then Kindra and I argued with Erin about the existence of fish air bladders. I was certain fish have air bladders, NOT because I actually took a class on fish in college (memories of the prof giving mouth to the mouth on a cichlid popped in my mind) but because Vietnamese people have a soup made of fish air bladder. We don’t waste anything.

Me: “Well, I hope fish have air bladders. Or else I don’t know WHAT I’ve been eating all these years”
Erin: “Is this like a Vietnamese story parents tell their kids? A soup made of magical fish bubbles? Kinda like your version of Santa Claus?”

The majority of the night was spent working and in between goofing off with Whatsi and Yoshi. Amar kept the conversation going by talking all the time. He did good work that night despite of that :)

Me: Lots of funny things tonight that we didn’t write down. But they’ll always be on the quote board… of my heart.
Aj: That…..was gay.

The next morning I was pretty tired and still had to round on some kids.
Me: Hi. How are you feeling today?
Teenage girl (feebly): shit.
Me (confused): shit?
Teenage girl (eyes widen and suddenly in a not so feeble voice): Whaaaaaaaaaat???
Me: You feel like shit?
Teenage girl: Well, that too. But I said ‘sick’.

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  1. I’m so glad we have such a great group of friends as fellow residents in our program.

  2. you cussed in front of a teenager?!? what kind of role model ARE you?!?!?

    • i never said i was a role model.

      • with great power comes great responsibility. you got it when you became jasmine dao, m.d.

      • i am spiderman.

      • no seriously, i was just trying to understand what I thought she said. and with all the tattoos she had, I don’t think I wrecked anyone’s innocence that day.

      • i know. i was totally joking. it was a funny post.
        har har har

      • I thought you were joking, but then with the 2nd comment I wasn’t sure, and now I feel bad that we’ve resorted to ‘har har har’ to indicate a jest.
        surely there must be a better way.

      • no. no there isn’t.

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