I watched Jason play volleyball with the executive producer of Smallville. He was really nice and I meant to say more to him, but I don’t watch Smallville and the only opinion I had of it was that Tom Welling looks good on the cover of the DVDs. So we just exchanged pleasantries.
On the plane flight to Houston, I sat next to a lady who talked a lot. A lot a lot. We talked through the whole flight, from education to care of the elderly to raising children (I don’t have any… it was amazing how long that part of the conversation went despite that fact).
I had the feeling she as being vague about her family’s business on purpose. As we bonded, she started asking me about how I felt about Carl’s Jr. Unlike Smallville, I had a lot more to say about Carl’s Jr. Their fried zucchini had sentimental value to my sister and I, my mom was once an employee, and I was sad that they’d taken away the Capt’n Crunch shakes. Finally she told me “Carl’s my dad.” I now know more about the founding of Carl’s Jr than ever.
My favorite part of our talk was when she told me how her husband died when he was only 38. She had 6 kids at that time and was 4 months pregnant. Her dad kept telling her how he couldn’t die until he knew she had found someone to take care of her. “You’ll have to live forever then, daddy” she said. As he grew more frail and ill, she’d sit at his bedside and teasingly say “You can’t go, I haven’t found someone yet” and he’d smile.
It was sweet, a movie moment.
Then at the last 10 minutes of the flight she started talking about famous plane crashes. Landings are the worst part of the flight for me. She only stopped after I pulled my knit hat (thanks Gina) over my eyes (fish hat is only worn at special occasions)
Margaret (her name) bid me goodbye, wishing me success in caring for children and reminding me to remember the importance of instilling a sense of responsibility for self, as well as for those who are marginalized. I asked her to bring the Capt’n Crunch shake back. She promised to bring it up to the uppers in the company.

Jason: “So then why was she flying Southwest?”
Me: ” Maybe it’s like the plot to Aladdin. The princess sneaking out to be with the normal folk…where she can flaunt her princessness”
Jason: “People don’t genuflect with quite the same zeal inside the castle walls.”

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  1. You met the executive producer of Smallville? Which one? Tollin, Gough or Millar? Dude, that’s my favourite show… been watching it since college. Did you get to go visit the set? Erica Durance is so hot… if you ever meet her, hook me up with an autograph addressed to me!

    We have this place called Hardee’s in the Midwest with the Carl’s Jr logo… it sucks compared to Carl’s Jr. Damn Jas, you’re meeting famous people left and right. Lucky you!

    • Yes, I thought of you when I met him. I can’t remember the last name. But really, we had nothing to talk about. He had a very kind face is what I remember the most.

  2. And hardee’s is Carl’s Jr, with a different name. Margaret said that they’re going to stop making shakes hand scooped. Ah, the things I keep you updated on.

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