Minesh and Sadie got to be on the local radio show today. There have been radio people hanging around the hospital, I’m not really sure why. I just assumed they were squatters.
Angeline and I asked Minesh what did he say exactly, but instead of listening to him, we just jumped in with our Minesh impersonations. We made him sound like Slingblade.
Me: Hi. I’m Minesh. I like corn-on-the-cob*.
Me: Why did I make him sound like a backwater hillbilly?
Angeline: I don’t know.
Angeline (same backwater hillbilly voice): I’m Minesh. I have Crohns**, and sometimes the corn doesn’t go all the way through. It gets stuck.
Me: Golytely twice a year. Mmm-hmmm.

I wish we could have heard what Sadie and Minesh really said. I hope the radio people are there tomorrow. Then Angeline and I can totally replay the script. OU needs that kind of exposure, you know?

*HIPPA violation
** not a HIPPA violation

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  1. Sorry, I meant to give Minesh a post of his own. But for some reason he keeps getting sidelined in real life and on the blog. Sorry buddy!

  2. HIPAA

    • Thanks…your public humilation keeps me humble.

  3. Anytime, anytime…

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