100 mg of caffeine is enough to cause uncomfortable heart palpitations (vs spleen palpitations?) for me. That’s the amount in 1 small Chai tea latte from Starbucks. I feel awful and can’t sleep. Maybe my tolerance is lower because I’m recovering from a recent illness.

The reason why I even drank the thing was because Aj and I were at Barnes and Noble working on clinic notes/fellowship stuff. It had taken us some time to find seats and so I was thoroughly enjoying my sitting when I notice Aj getting up to sit on the floor.
See, with the goodness of her heart, she had noticed an elderly gentleman walking around, searching for a chair. So she inconspicuously gives her chair to him. I, on the other hand, not only never noticed the guy prior to this, but just look at Aj like she’s a weirdo for doing so. I slouch in my own chair, as if to place extra claim on it.

Now, not only was AJ now sitting on the floor, but said gentleman had really stinky feet. Then his friend came along who smelled like rank BBQ. If these men were angels in disguise, we were being sorely tested. Or punished for my not giving up the second seat. Could it be a secret morality test? Nah. I pretend I don’t notice either of them.

That’s when I finally get up to get a drink and get some fresh air. I order the chai because I’ve had it before without any caffeine overload problems. I then admonish my friend for giving up a seat to someone so stinky.

And now, palpitations, nausea, insomnia. All due to karma. I bet Aj is sleeping just fine right now.

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  1. I struggled with similar symptoms last night, but I’ve attributed them to looking at the PICU fellowship programs and thinking about what I’ll be doing for 3 years after residency.

    You had a lot of confounding factors though…

  2. Iiiinteresting. Maybe I was having sympathy panic attacks with you.

  3. Or maybe you were having a panic attack relating to looking at fellowships? (That’s what I was trying to get at in my original comment.)

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