Gina dropped in Friday during PPM to hang out a bit.
Gina (to the attendings): Can you tell Jasmine and me apart?
All the attendings: Yeah…never got you guys mixed up…
Dr. Ludwig: You guys look nothing alike to me. (pauses) Well, except for being asian…but I can tell you apart.
Gina: So Asian people don’t all look alike?
Dr. Ludwig: No, no you really don’t.
Gina: I think all white people look alike.
Me: Yeah, without your name tags I would be confused all the time.

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  1. This makes us sound slightly racist…

    Actually, it makes the attendings all sound pretty cool and laid-back that we can joke around with them like this. It makes me happy =)

  2. Yes, it makes me happy too. White people are way cooler than I thought.

  3. my mom had trouble telling blondes apart when she first came to the u.s.

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