Friday- Rachna’s party is quite the success. Sadly, Erin was not there because Sam was sick. We missed out on her sassy presence. I came late because I had issues with cheese. Not my lactose intolerance, just trying shortcuts on baked brie and ended up having to eat my mistakes. Mmm, mistakes.

So I showed up to the party not hungry- but the food looked so good I ate again (the kheer was my favorite) and chatted. Aj asked me what happened to ‘the pills’. I was confused. Were there pills in the brie? How did those get there? Did people suspect I was roofying them? Is roofying an acceptable verb? Luckily it turns out she was just referencing the miracle berries thingy we had earlier this year.

Then we played board games.  After a few lighthearted rounds of Taboo, the interns began to retreat into the night. So Rachna got up and locked the door, saying we had to stay to play. We laughed, and then quickly got back to Taboo, then Apples to Apples.

Me (giving clues to Taboo): Someone who is not accepted in society

Rachna: Freak!

Uday: Jasmine!

The word was oddball, and if uday had not been on my team I woulda …given him a dirty look.

(during Apples to Apples. I’m judging. The category is ‘Witty’. i arbitrarily choose the card ‘body odor’ because it makes me chuckle, to the disappointment of the other players )

Me: i choose…body odor! Whose card was that?

Gina:  Me! But I just put that down as a throwaway card.

Me: You win!

Gina: Wow, I’ve had body odor ever since the begining of the game.

Rachna: Really? Aww, I’m sorry.

Me: That’s witty! It fit the category after all!

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  1. wow, you can make brie? i did not know that is possible to do at home.

    • BAKED brie. i baked store bought brie.

      • oh.

  2. Sorry to disappoint. Someday I’ll have my own cow ranch and will make homemade brie then. it must be doable.

    • i’ll give you one by letting you borrow my ranch. now all you have to do is find some cattle, milk them, and… well… make the brie.

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