As part of the upcoming interviewing season, the residents have been asked to all write a short bio about ourselves. The tricky thing is how to sound interesting/professional while avoiding that special level of interesting/professional that is found on Craigslist. You know what I’m talking about.

Gina and Evan had suggested something but I closed the window before I got to save it. It went like “After growing up a southern belle, I was drawn to the plains of Oklahoma”. I like how it sounds- though I am sure I don’t come across any bit as a southern belle. I do declare.

I wonder what everyone else is writing. I asked Jason for help but he could only make jokes. At least I think they were jokes. First impressions are so important- I definitely don’t want to come across creepy or weird. Oh well. I’ll think more about it later. Gotta go read an article about genital ulcers.

Any more suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. It was something more like, “After growing up a southern belle, I found the cosmopolitan appeal of Oklahoma City was a draw I could not escape.” Or something. For some reason it sounded much more eloquent last night.

  2. So what didja end up writing? Genital ulcers and OKC?

  3. I wrote something that wasn’t weird, and I think that is what matters the most.

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