Today we salute you, Mr. Black Cloud Man…

Mr. Black Cloud MAn

Mr. Black Cloud MAn

With your three pagers and some other gadget I can’t identify you know trouble will always find you- but mostly at 2-3am when everyone else is already in bed, eespecially the PICU attending whose number you already have memorized.

People may question the legitimacy of your cloud, blame it on other things like efficiency or exaggeration…but that’s until they experience themselves first-hand. By then, it’s too late.  Fools.

And it’s not only limited to medicine. This cloud extends to lunches and wakeboarding . If three people order chicken, yours is the one that remains undercooked.  And though you do have a really cool lightning bolt scar on your forehead now from the wakeboard, and though the amount of medicine you have experienced is priceless, no one envies you.

Well, maybe a little for that forehead scar.

P.S  Your black cloud lingered over the rest of my week. Please, take it back. I’m sure it misses you.

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  1. Darn you, Mr. Black Cloud Man!!! You left it hanging over ME while you were off on vacation, enjoying the sun and the golf course.

  2. you’re hilarious jasmine…good post…well played, young jedi.

    i liked the one about Trudy’s thermometer, too.

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