There we were, Dr. Adler, Warren, Swartz, and that new person , all innocent, minding our business. Then our respected residency program director  marched into the room and somehow found the occasion to announce  to the clinic team that she just learned about fecal transplants.

“Yes, it’s what it sounds like,” Dr. Ludwig replied to our silence. “Another doctor read about it in a serious journal.”

The obvious questions followed. “How is the transplant done?” “What are the indications?” and  “Why in the world did you feel  the need to share this with us?”(that one’s mine)

I mimed with my hands an imaginary wall between me and the director. “I was perfectly fine not knowing about this. My life was ok.”

Then I  felt the need to share this with Aj- even though I’m sure her life was ok without knowing about fecal transplants as well.

But in true rockstar form, Aj already learned about this from Grey’s Anatomy (the show, not the book). Again, I was in awe. Is there anything she doesn’t know already?!

This cast a shadow on Dr. Ludwig’s story- maybe she watched Grey’s and mixed up television with reality. I know this happens to me.  But wikipedia cleared her name:

Me: how much do they pay?

Ludwig: Donors usually don’t get paid…

Me (frustrated): Sperm donors do. And eggs.

Me (thinks it over): “Well, in that case, I want to make a direct donation in Dr. Swartz’s name”

Love ya courtney!

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  1. I learned about this during medical school…I wanna say it was during my internal medicine rotation, but I can’t be sure.

    Because, you know, they’re all obsessed with poop over there.

  2. um, WOW.
    of course you know i am fascinated by all things poop, so i will be visiting the link to gina’s blog also.

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