I was on call 4th of July. Same as last year. Independence day my butt.

However, I was on ward call with general lucky cloud/smart people Justin and Scott. Yay. So it was relatively quiet. Initially Nadine (who was in newborn) and I started watching the end of year videos from the past. I realized maybe it’s a good thing to keep them short.

Justin brought a movie to watch-  and he made sure we all knew Keanu Reeves was in. He could not stop talking about Keanu Reeves. It was adorable.

During the previews

Me (kinda joking): Wolverine is sooooo dreamy…

Justin: You go for those mutton-chop sideburns?

Me (definitely joking): Yes

Justin (rubs his meager sideburns): I haven’t gotten a haircut in awhile..

Me: I was going to say Justin’s been looking a bit like Hugh Jackman lately.

Justin: I get that a lot, along with ‘smells like skunk.’

Nadine suggested we watch the fireworks. Sadly, the internet listed it as starting at 10pm but it was actually at 9:30. Boo. We saw nothing but our own reflections in the glass. I’m sure that was symbolic of something.

Then an admit came with with some syndrome no one has heard of. Dravet’s? So I suggested we flip a coin to see who gets it. Justin nixes this idea and says he’ll do it himself. Realizing my laziness has been exposed, I feel guilty  so I go do it.

My begrudging sacrifice comes with great rewards. In the ER Dr. Brown escorted me into the break room where there were hot dogs, deviled eggs and kettle corn. Clarissa the nurse takes out an ice cream cake. She explained she thought it was a regular cake, but then it melted and she realized it wasn’t. The label says Ice Cream cake, with ‘Ice cream’ bolded in red white and blue comic sans font.

Clarissa: Good thing my medicine label reading skills are better than my cake reading skills.

I take my sweet time in the ER eating and people watching. Way better than sitting outside a cafe in France.  I overhear Dr. Sparky explaining to parents why their daughter has abdominal pain. I can’t be sure but this is what I heard…

Sparky: See this? It’s poop. Lots of it.

Parent: But she’s been going to the bathroom…

Sparky: She’s probably just pooping tiny pellets. Like a rabbit. See here? Allll pellets.  You can even feel them when you feel her belly.

Did she really say ‘like a rabbit’? Who knows…but I had an image of the mom’s 12 yr old daughter hopping around in the grass, pellets here and there.

I went upstairs and got quite a bit of sleep even with intermittent calls here and there for the Green Team. What a night.

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  1. All my gripes about the ER aside, I do love the nurses there and their sense of community.

    • The nurses in the ER are the bee’s knees.

      • Definitely. And Kindra cracks me up no matter how pissy I am.

  2. i thought the sentence that said ‘My begrudging sacrifice comes with great rewards.’ would be followed with something like, ‘the family was really sweet and i learned so much and helped them a lot and they were really thankful.’ i should’ve known better.

    that constipation incident is really funny because that happened to me in high school. for two weeks i had these crippling stomachaches and could not figure out why. when the doctor told us that i was probably constipated, we thought that it must be wrong because i had been pooping, too. it was a bit embarrassing when it was all cured with some milk of magnesia.

    • This makes me feel guilty. Thanks a lot nace.

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