After some real craziness on the team today, I couldn’t pass up Dave and Kris’ offer of mojitos and food at their place. Good times.

I learned how to play ladder golf- it’s like a funky version of horseshoes. Their garden had bunnies hopping freely about and a swing set. It was like the garden I would have dreamed of as a kid.

I asked about the history of ladder golf (the kind of conversation that makes me a blast at cocktail parties) and was told it dates back to 17th century Scotland, originally played with hamhocks.  This was a lie. What was the tip off? The game is played with two golf balls attached by a piece of string- and so I would have guessed it was originally played with sheep testicles, not hamhocks.

Speaking of food, Dave grilled up really good chicken and pork. Then we played rock band and Kris served up a fruit pizza that was deeeelicious. I felt a tiny bit guilty for having fun without my intern crew, but most of it was easily eradicated within the first few bars of “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Dave’s friend Josh can really sing.

Fellow green team leader Aj was on call, and that guilt did not go away. So I will make it up by bringing chik-fil-a chicken mini’s tomorrow.

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  1. if chick fil a chicken minis are not an adequate peace offering for them, nothing will be.

  2. Sorry I missed out! I’d left my phone on silent on my nightstand and didn’t see your message til I went to bed. Whoops!

    • I thought I was the only one who never checked my messages.

      • i miss your old answering message. ‘hi, this is jasmine. please don’t leave me a message. i don’t like checking them.’

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