Aj: Hey, Aaron, my cutest patient Bobby is back for chemotherapy.

Aaron: Who’s Bobby?

Aj: Who’s Bobby? Who’s Bobby?! (starts waving arms angrily) Who? Whooo?

Me (pats her on the head): Aww, Aj’s like  a little angry owl.


Me:  You know Aj, I don’t get you sometimes.

Aj: I’m weird.

Me: But I still like you. You’re confusing, but in a fun way. I’m always thinking, what goes on in that little head?

Aj: Not much, really.

Me: Circus music plays continously…

Aj: Scary circus music.


After noon conference, I return for another slice of cake and walk into this conversation

Holly:… take out the guts and then weigh down the body. That’s where everyone messes up. It keeps the corpse from floating up.

I pause, a little shocked mixed with relief  when I see there is still cake left.

Me (incredulous): Holly, where do you learn these things?!

Holly: Think about it! You want to take out the gas containing organs so that the body will sink and stay down.

Laura Haws: It’s pretty obvious, actually.

Me (chagrined, trying to one up them): Oh ok, well then why not just cook the body, eat it and then bury the bones?

Holly: If you do that then you’re going need to bake the brains.

Laura: No you don’t.

Holly: Well if you’re gonna eat it you might as well do it right.

Laura: You can fry it, like fried green tomatoes….

I take my cake  and make my exit before I hear more cannibalistic cooking advice.

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  1. i wonder if a search dog could sniff someone out by their bones.

    • Yes, yes they can. It smells delicious.

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