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One day Aj and I were lounging around after the health screen, arms crossed, serious looks, dressed up nicely in dark colors, lollipops in hand. Mandy said we looked like the pediatric Mafia.

I liked the sound of that*. “Kid, we’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.” I would have a trouble child in clinic and my goons would soften them up before examination. Noncompliant kids will wake up to find, I dunno, the handlebars of their bicycle in their bed (whatever the kid equivalent of a horse’s head would be).

I think we should seriously consider adding this cultural aspect to program.

*Not as much as the time Courtney called me a ‘goober.’ I took that compliment to heart. If it is a compliment.

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  1. Can I join your mafia? This sounds cool… I’d get to eat lollipops all day!

    • it IS cool. But lollipops is only one part of the image and I don\’t want us developing diabetes…

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