One of my patients is a total Twilight fan. The movie was playing the first time I walked into the room, and each day there is a new piece of Twilight paraphenalia up. There is a cardboard cutout of Edward and it freaked me out the first time I saw it because I thought there was a man standing at the window, staring while everyone slept.
One day Aj mentioned how cute it was.
Me: Cute?
Aj: She’s such a typical teenage girl.
Me (scoffs): We wouldn’t have been friends in high school.
Aj: Dude, she’s too cool to be friends with us even now.
Me (starting to protest): Whatev…..
Suddenly I’m hit by a flashback
The face of my my 6th grade best friend Devin comes into focus, squealing “John Claude Van Damme is soooooo HOT. My mom and I love him!”
Flashback fades out.
I shut my mouth.
The subject is changed.

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  1. Jean-Claude Van Damme

  2. Do hyphens really count?

  3. John vs. Jean

  4. oh yeah. -2 on my reading skills.

  5. She would totally be friends with me. We could giggle over Edward, braid our hairs and make friendship bracelets.
    Maybe I should head up there now…

  6. paraphernalia

  7. I never made friendship bracelets. I was too busy smoking with the rebels and spraying graffiti on the walls.

    //I was in choir and very proud of my white shirt, black skirt and red cummerbund.

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