On what the future holds

Only one more month to go. A month of learning left, before June 30th when we step out of the hospital as interns, and return the next day as 2nd years.
To this great honor and accomplishment, I say, Oh gawd! Oh gawd!, and then follow that with some dry heaving.

oh gawd.

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  1. Right now I can’t wait until July 1st hits and we’re not longer interns. However, I’m pretty sure that on June 30th, right before the change (as always happens to me), I’ll freak out, curl up in a ball, and babble for a few hours.

    Hey…where’s your comic?!?

  2. think about when you were about to start intern year a year ago, and you had the same reaction: “oh my gawd!”…see? you can handle anything!

    so hurry up, so i can consult you on my pedi patients.

    where is your grill pic?

    • what a weird name.

      • honestly, the candy grills kinda freaks me out. It’s like putting someone else’s teeth in, and there’s candy stuck to those teeth.

      • yes, tricia, where do you come up with these things??

  3. I was on call the night of june 30th/morning of july 1st in the ER. At midnight Trinity joked “so this means I can leave now, right?”

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