An Essay: What I did on my Summer vacation

It’s as close to summer vacation as I will get this year.

First, there was Jennifer’s little soiree, and our family friend Co Young brought over homemade cakes (she’s trained at Le Cordon Bleu, and it’s good. I would have brought some home but there are never leftovers).
Phil, Robin, and I played this board game called Formula D-fun fun, it has 7.45/10 stars on . Phil has the coolest board games. I looked up Cash Flow, a game Sam the nurse talked to me about. Only 4.5 stars. But it was the top selling game in Australia, and Australians are cool, so there you go.

Day 2, I hang out with Kevin. We go for dim sum with my parents, and then saw Terminator. We pick Smitha up for dinner at Himalaya, one of the best Pakistani restaurants in town. The butter chicken is their top dish. My mom locks me out of the house accidentally, so Kev and I are forced to have a slumber party after hitting House of Pies (I was really mad at my mom and needed pie and cocoa). In the am we head with Vicki to her familys’ restaurant for some barbacoa, migas with tortillas and avocados.

Day 3 I hang with Nancy. We hit the outlet stores and we buy matching clothes because I want to be Nancy. Nancy buys me the shoes as a late birthday present. We go in search for milkshakes, and discuss what does the lyric “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” mean. I know it’s an old debate. But does it mean she’s shaking her butt or her boobies? If we refer to older source material, “Milk milk, lemonade, around the corner chocolate’s made”, I think we can extrapolate that milkshake probably means boobies.

Day 4 I go with Kevin for his graduation dinner. I watch as they hand out basically dead bonsai as a gift to their attendings, who are gracious (kev kept them in the dark and watered them only once).
I was sort of wishing I had gone into pathology, until they mention enthusiastically how there has been an increase in cadavers for doing autopsies on. On an unrelated note, Churrascos has the best steak and cinnamon bananas ever. And best Tres leches. One dermatologist out of the blue talks to me about going into dermatology. She said she was just an average student and so anyone can do it. But she went to Yale undergrad and did research at Harvard, so I’m keeping my day job.

Day 5 I meet up with Cousin Phil and Robin and their dog, Ada. I put my hand out for Ada to sniff and she promptly falls over on her back. She’s adorable and we walk around Hermann Park and near the Miller Outdoor Theater area where a jazz concert was starting. Highly recommend if you live near the area to check this place out. I wish I had brought my camera that day.

Day 6 Tricia had this ambitious plan to go berry picking,but houston is way too hot. So we met up for a late movie, Up. I want a dog like Doug. What was funny was hearing the kids’ reactions to the movie. There was crying (including Tricia) and cheers. Tricia hands me a bag full of moonpies and inexplicably, a set of candy teeth grills. “You thought of me when you saw this?” I asked, but I don’t remember the reply.

Day 7 I step on a scale. I have gained a pound a day. Nice.

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  1. If it helps, you don’t look like you’ve gained a pound a day.

    • That’s because I wear clothes designed by M.C Escher.

      • i don’t get it. i know who m.c. escher is.

      • He’s known for drawing optical illusions/play with dimensions.
        So I was suggesting if my shirts were designed by him maybe it’d be hard to tell if I gained weight or not. or perhaps it’d be an outfit that makes half of me look getting skinny and the other half getting fat.

      • Hehehehehe. No, you look like you’re the same weight, not like you’re a multi-dimensional being.

  2. the bonsai thing is hysterical. so is the ending of this post.
    did the dog fall on its back because it wanted you to pet/play with it or because your hand was lethally stinky?

  3. I love the bonsai thing too…I literally laughed out loud. I’m glad you had a good week, and I’m even more glad you’re back and ready to work again!!!

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