Is our children learning

Nalini showed us some entries from adolescent clinic

Reason you are here today:

– Spring ankle, soar ankle
– I think I have a Kennedy infection
– Mom thinks i have a problem. i don’t
– Sour thought
– I believe I’m burning
– Scubbes
– Galfstones
– Chicken pops

This one we couldn’t figure out. If you can, I will buy you a taco.

Reason you are here today: No perind secnjon

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  1. No period since Jan.
    chicken soft burrito, will be fine.

  2. WOW tricia. You should get a job as a code breaker

  3. tricia has a secret superpower!!!

  4. Expect the burrito via standard mail. 3-5 days from now. There’s a stamp on it, remove the stamp before ingesting.

  5. Actually, I part-time for the C.I.A helping them with tough cases.
    Didnt you know?

  6. I was going to say No period since June.
    But, I guess January makes more since.

  7. Hm…or sense.
    They’re rubbing off on me.

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