Man, I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same

Holy crap. A lot has happened since this blog started. My intern class is about to graduate into upper levels. We’ll be saying goodbye to some good friends.

Aj and I are going to go into heme-onc month without an upper level. Thank goodness we’re awesome, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve learned a LOT and have really grown up as a person these past months, though not too much that anyone else would really notice. For example, one year ago I would list watching ‘the Girls Next Door’ as one of my past times. Not any more! (Partly due to maturing, partly due to no cable TV, and aided by the fact that the Girls have left Hugh Hefner.) I know I have other examples, but they aren’t coming to me at this moment.
Life for my friends have changed too. Erin came after noon conference today to show us her baby, J. She had just gotten him like, minutes before. She said she was shaking a little, and then asked us not to cough on him. Or was that breathe on him? Either way, she’s right- we’re germ vectors in white coats.
I’m not going to continue gossiping about everyone else’s life and will stop here.
For now.
Dum dum dum!!!

*the ‘ain’ts’ in the song One Headlight never bothered me until I had to type them out. Now it just sounds wrong.

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  1. We have changed quite a bit in the past year haven’t we? I’m saving up for a big retrospective post on June 30th, then a big (uh…blanking here…looking into the future?!?) post on July 1st.

    Complete with gossipy-type stuff. Maybe we haven’t changed that much…

  2. I like gossip. Bring it on.

    It is crazy to think back to a year ago. Especially considering the changes as of lately.

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