April in a longwinded nutshell

April started with my birthday. Kris got me a cake during nightfloat and it was hands down the cutest little birthday party ever thrown in the resident’s lounge.

Wards wards wards. i love Dr San Joaquin.

Tricia’s birthday came. I got her a gift certificate to J. Crew for 40 bucks, enough to buy herself a nice pair of fancy socks there.

I went to the medieval fair with Kelly, Evan and the Bui sisters. Doesn’t that sound like a musical group? Evan and The Bui sisters. I’m thinking Abba costumes.

Gina, Kelly and I got a jumpstart on our halloween costumes. Gina’s cloak kept trying to smother anyone within it’s radius.

A vendor at the fair yelled “free stuff! free stuff!” and then quietly “free stuff to look at.” I hate medieval humor.

Wards wards wards

Physical therapy  hurts, but they tell me it’s a good hurt. I tried not to look skeptical.

During nightfloat we watch about the Craigslist killer being a medical student at Boston Univ. Crystal comments how she’s glad she’s not part of that admissions committee right now.

I buy Erin a gift card for Barnes and Noble as a baby shower gift. Because kids need books. Erin promises to not spend it on Twilight or Tiger Beat magazines.

Caleb announces he’s moving out.

I start shopping for furniture to put in his room.

Then I start missing my friend and decide furniture will never fill that hole in my heart. But he’ll still be around. And shopping is fun.

Stephanie does an impersonation of a patient, a nervous boy who goes “Oh gawd, oh gawd.” and now sometimes when I’m just sitting there I hear her impersonation and have to hide my chuckles.

The girls from NICU, Aj and I go and spend an afternoon at the spa. Michelle brought a picnic basket full of wine and food and it was all very very yuppie and glamorous. Then Aj and I continue the day with horseriding and dining outdoor with Sadie, Richard, John, Denise and Nadine. Denise rides a horse for the first time. Aj rides the horse. We stop watching for a second, distracted by beer, dogs and conversation when we hear a little “uh oh.” We turn to see the horse ambling out of the backyard towards the street, making off with Aj slowly but surely.

And with that image of Aj riding off into the sunset, the End.


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  1. We demand pictures of you being eaten by a hat!

  2. Ask and ye shall receive. I put the hat on for the photos, and hours later, I’m still wearing it. It fits my head perfectly.

    • Ha ha, awesome.

  3. Aww, I wish I could’ve seen Ajla on the horse. I’ve never been on one either.

    • Maybe next time! I sat on a horse once, but it didn’t move. I mean, it was alive, of course, I was nervous so I got off before any riding ensued.
      I do enjoy donkey rides though.

  4. i would’ve preferred all of that in drawn comics format.
    just joking! i’ve always liked reading your funny stuff. to me it’s just as funny that way.
    not to discourage your drawing ambitions. that’s cool too.

    • This was funny?

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