Hardly had time to spend with the roomie lately. We watched Twilight the other night. We were making fun of it all the way through, but I think I annoyed Caleb because I wouldn’t let up.  He didn’t like it much, but I was ruining any chance of paying attention to the movie. I think I hate Twilight so much because I secretly love it. It’s the only explanation.

So Caleb is probably moving out at the end of our lease. New relationship, new pastures. I’m too lazy to move myself, but do I really want to pay 765 for a 2bed/2bath place? I guess I could turn the 2nd room into a study, and the second bathtub as an aquarium (?)*. I don’t think I want another roommate.  Caleb was (er, is) like family, which is why it worked.

But this goes against my cheap monastic nature. Two bathrooms for one person! It’s craziness. Wasteful decadence, I tell you, simply wasteful.

*this reminds me of a childhood experience where my friends had tadpoles in their toilet which we played with (we were preschoolers…) and later we found out  their grandma flushed the toilet. Poor tadpoles.

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  1. the twilight experience description reminds me of when we watched ‘the notebook.’

  2. Well sorry, nancy. Maybe we just shouldn’t watch movies together anymore. Hmmph.

    P.S. I actually like the Notebook (the movie).

  3. You DO love Twilight – I knew it!

    And, I had some neighbors that had a cool fish-themed bathroom – complete with goldfish in the tub. It was cool until the bottom of the tub was covered in poop. Fish poop, that is.

  4. no no, it just reminds me. i think we were both making fun of it a lot and then somewhere along the way we kinda just started watching and i liked it in the end, too.

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