I went to Steph’s daughter’s birthday today. I walked into Toys R Us and had a time checking out the stuff kids have nowadays. Legos are so complicated. I miss the Forestmen collection.

I found a Spock doll near the Barbies. It was lost, I think- a bit out of place. Like a little girl had picked it up, and then found all the Barbies and tossed poor Spock aside without a second thought. I considered it for a second, and wondered if Steph would ever speak to me again if I got it for Abby.

Abby already does a great “Touchdown!” I bet I could teach her  “Live long and prosper”.

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  1. This was my favorite Lego set as a kid. My dad got it for “me” for Christmas when I was five and we spent many hours digging through the pieces and building it together. Looking back, I now know that he could’ve finished it in a couple hours easily but was letting me have all the fun.

    The pieces were lost or given to Goodwill long ago, when we moved. So for my birthday a few years ago, I bought the set again online. It now sits proudly at my parents’ house in the front room, looking only slightly out of place.

  2. This was my first and most favorite one


    My plan is to get the bonsai forest to stay alive and use them as a backdrop for my legos (instead of the typical asian figureines people like to put under bonsai)

  3. I don’t think I ever had that one.

    My ULTIMATE plan, when Evan and I have our dream house, is to have a room dedicated to our Lego sets, LOTR stuff (including Legolas’s knives from the movie…), Star Wars stuff (including 2 lightsabers and many, many, many Star Wars Lego sets), and whatever else we’ve fallen in love with along the way.

    I’m realizing that I’m a much bigger nerd than I previously thought.

  4. You crack me up woman!! I would have spoken to you again, but I think you really would have gotten a weird look for a few seconds. But she loves her piano!! Thanks so much for coming.

  5. Gina- you outnerded me on my own blog!!

    Steph- I hope the piano opens a door for abby’s future music career

  6. are you asianifying the poor kid?

  7. There’s a fine line between encouraging appreciation in the fine arts and stereotypical asian parenting.

  8. Though, does a lightup rainbow colored piano count as fine art? Maybe for Liberace.

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