Today I got a parcel in the mail, and was surprised to see it was from Phil and Robin.  I was expecting my mail order bonsai. But this was better than any bonsai- they’d sent me a hat. An intricate fish-shaped hat. When I wear it, it looks like the fish is trying to eat my brains. Zombie-fish hat.

Robin knitted it. Obviously, she was inspired by the pickle bookmark I made for her years ago. Sure, you couldn’t tell it was a pickle except that it was green and the card said “pickle bookmark”, but I like to think it was like a Picasso.

will post a pic of it when I stop being lazy.

Thanks, and love ya cuz!!!

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  1. Hey asshole. I got u the bonsai.

  2. I know! I liked it so much I ordered another bonsai.
    Ok…the truth is your bonsai almost died, and I ordered a replacement hoping that if you ever visit you wouldn’t know the difference.
    But then yours lived despite my poor care, and so now i have two. And a fish hat to wear while gardening.

  3. jasmine, constant killer of bonsais.

  4. if it’s any consolation, i think about the bonsais you gave me all the time. And the last one is still alive at my parent’s house.

  5. Hmm, where you’re not the one directly in charge of its care…

  6. Mere coincidence…

  7. please reveal to everyone what number bonsai you are on.

  8. to be honest i’ve lost count. but i have two alive right now….

  9. how about the second one? isn’t that in your mother’s care? i thought it had come back to life after a scare.

  10. Yes, that one is alive too. So I’m not some bonsai serial killer……yet

  11. i remeber when we had a little bonsai ICU going in the med school apartment jasmine and I shared. someone accidentally walked by the bonsai and bent a very important branch (like the main branch that held everything up) and jasmine put some scotch tape to try to mend it together. I presume the xylem and the phloem COULD somehow find its way to regenerate the branch. anyways, in the bonsai icu, which was closest to the window and on the carpet, there was lots of phototherapy. Still, the plant died.

  12. I’ve learned much since that ICU. For one thing, unlike humans, bonsai should not be bolused with normal saline.

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