On monkey wrenches

At Dr. W and Stephanie’s encouraging, I went to a doc to check out the limp. I explained the pain, was sent home with orders to take motrin. She didn’t really figure out where the pain actually was, which is somewhere in the groin. I know, I know, I said it was buttbone pain, not groin. I was being demure.
However, this isn’t the doc’s fault that she missed this. Ain’t no one gonna palpate my groin. Not for free anyways.
I also didn’t feel like pushing the issue because hey, the X-ray said I didn’t have anything broken! How can you beat that?
Well, the good doc called for the radiology report and asked to talk to some radiologists, and the basic conclusion was there WAS some lucency near the acetabulum and it was possible hairline fracture, but a CT scan should be done if clinically warranted.
Sheesh. Now they tell me.
Does this change anything? I don’t know. I’d probably try to rest more. I tried googling ‘hairline fracture acetabulum’ and got a bunch of vet sites dealing with horses and dogs.
I’ll just wait for the ortho consult.

* ‘Dr. W’ sounds like a great name for a soda. A cross between Dr. Pepper and root beer.

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  1. I knew you shouldn’t still be limping! Poor Jasmine =(

  2. oh wow. i’m really glad you got that checked out. yes, what is the ‘cure’ for such a fracture? it’s not like you can cast it.

  3. I told you!! Don’t doubt me, woman!

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