You know how sometimes you’ll just be walking and you come across a dead cockroach in the middle of the hall? There’s no real apparent reason why it died…it was crawling just dandily when bloop, it dies.
Some days I feel like I’m gonna end up like that cockroach, figuratively and literally…by that I mean I picture my demise will not come with a dignified pose but with my limbs in the air all contorted.
I don’t mean to sound depressing…I think i’m just reaching a natural nadir with work, feeling a bit tired. For some peeps it comes around the holidays, for others, earlier or later. It could last a week or revolve around a certain case.
Dr W asked me the other day if I was glad wards was over. I think I answered ‘YES’ a little too enthusiastically, perhaps with some crazy eyes to it, I don’t know. I’m not that great with reading facial expressions and I have a bad habit of always trying to guess what someone is actually thinking (this, by the way, is a barrier to good listening).
I didn’t explain to Dr. W that I had been upchucking all night before and so I was glad I wasn’t on wards because that would have been torture.
So I’m glad I’m on Peds Clinic, got this whole weekend to spend with my pop and recover (i lost 10 lbs from my illness…I was kinda happy but not really because I’m sure it’s all dehydration), and in April I’ll be on with Mehwish again and Holly as an upper level and hopefully more up to par.
And I definitely made sure to schedule vacation in May.

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  1. Is there something going on in May? Or is this just a need for more than a weekend off?

  2. Just making sure I get the vacations due to me! :)

  3. Good thinking :-)

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