Blue team blues

Mehwish (hanging up the phone after giving Dr. Turman lab numbers for a patient): Hey Jasmine? Can you do me a favor?

Me: Yeah, what is it?

Mehwish: Go on EMR and make sure these labs are for the right patient. It didn’t print the name out on top.

Me (while waiting for the computer to boot up): What would you do if it was the wrong patient? Call Turman back?

Mehwish: No, I’d just let the cross-cover person know.

Mehwish: …And then not show up for work tomorrow. Or the day after that…

Me (narratively): “And we never saw Mehwish again.”

P.S- it was the right patient. Mehwish was just being extra careful.

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  1. Luckily though, Turman would be pretty laid back about it if you called back right away to say you’d made a mistake. There was one day when he oh so proudly told me he’d ePOM’d some meds on a couple patients and that I wouldn’t need to worry about it. When I got on the computers to double check a few minutes later, he’d ordered wrong stuff on everyone…so I had to fix it for him.

  2. Awww, Dr. T is making great strides with the computer program- I’m impressed. He’s awesome. But as for our reasoning, it was later in the night and Turman was at some basketball game or something- a long deserved R&R for him. Thus we would have felt very sheepish. Baah.
    Though in reality, there is always Corinne.

  3. E to the p to the om ‘d

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