I worked, went home, got a heat pack and sat on it. After a couple of hours, I was hungry, wanted a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Had no bread. Too achy to go to the store. Instead, took slices of leftover pizza and put peanut butter/jelly on it. It was not bad.
Sometimes it’s good to be single. No one sees me doing these things.

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  1. Brings me back to our days in the Food Tasters Club, or whatever we called it.

  2. why does this not surprise me…

  3. I should have Anna tell you about her friend Jane. She used to have these “gourmet” hot dogs when they were in junior high that…uh…might be of interest to you…

  4. Ok, it’s not like I made the idea up right on the spot. As children, Jennifer, Phil and I ate weird foods. And PB&J pizzas were an idea we got from Ninja Turtles. So I had an idea that I might still like it
    Unlike phil’s turkey and chocolate syrup sandwich.

    Gina…I am intrigued…tell me more of these gourmet hot dogs.

  5. single…like eating a 99 cent loaf of fresh french bread over the sink?

  6. Oh man, Jane’s hot dogs. Let me first stay, she had an iron clad stomach.

    Back in junior high, Jane had this very “special” hot dog recipe.

    First, she’d take the hot dog and the bun and put it into the microwave to heat it up. If available, she’d spread peanut butter and jelly onto bun before microwaving it. Afterwards, she’d add ketchup, mustard, cheese, relish, peanut butter, jelly, cocktail sauce, and chocolate syrup on top of it.

    I had it once. I didn’t feel so good afterwards…

    • Besides the iron-clad stomach…Did Jane have any tastebuds?

      • Ok, I sounded like a complete snob with my last comment, but to be honest, I was willing to try said hot dog up until ‘chocolate syrup’ was mentioned. That and cocktail sauce pushed it too far for me.

  7. Umm, I know she wanted to be a chef for a while. So I think she believed she had taste buds. But now she’s entering medical school and doing the OU PH.D. and M.D. program. I think that’s a slightly better option for her. =D

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