Here I am on wards. I wanted to go on facebook but it’s blocked. Gina’s website is also blocked. so is desktop missle defense. For some reason my blog is a-ok.
I’m on nightfloat, and in preparation I went to get a massage the day before, then loaded up on all sorts of pain creams and meds.
The massage place was actually good. Kinda hippy looking and the masseuse was a young girl, which usually is awkward and I always assume they’ll do a bad job since i don’t think they’re strong enough. Yeah, I’m sexist.
it was actually awesome, best massage I’ve had and I’ve been to a few places. Including one I bet Tricia never wants to remember. That one was in India. It was supposed to be aryuvedic and listed in Lonely Planet as being great, blah blah. The thing the book DIDN’T list was that you were completely naked for this. And it’s not naked under sheets. It’s just naked, on a floor mat, in bright lighting. With some workers walking in and out.
My friends and I weren’t in the same room (thank God), but it was still awkward, just you and the Indian lady who looks like she’s dissociated herself from the whole experience. Or maybe I was projecting. Awkward awkward stuff. I remember thinking, heck, might as well go along with it…but I could hear Tricia’s super nervous laughter from like, two rooms down. The laugh that was more of a warning. She wisely thanked the person and left early. So wise. I don’t remember much of what happened after that, just paying, not meeting Jorge’s or Tricia’s eyes for a day or so, and going on with our journey.
I wonder sometimes if the writer of those guides just made stuff up, or chose the weirder things to trick people into trying. I don’t know.

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  1. the massage description had me laughing really hard for like 5 minutes. sounds so awkward. i think i recall jorge calling it ‘the worst experience of my life.’

  2. That makes me really nervous about the message coupon Evan’s mom got me, though I’m sure (I hope) it won’t turn out that way.

  3. i’m sure it’ll be awesome gina. What place is the coupon for?

  4. ONE Indian lady? I had TWO ladies massaging me at the same time. Them two against lil ole me’. There was no fan, no air-con, it was a hot stifling room, and my “bed” was a wooden board on the floor with no sheets. i could just imagine decades of people’s body oils and ayurvedic oils soaked into that wooden board. Nirvana it was not!

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