Though I do have moments of being upset at what happened, it could have been much much worse and the complaints I have aren’t of the permanent nature.
Many friends have offered help, inlcuding Kevin who seems to share a psychic bond with me. He just had this overwhelming feeling he wanted to drive from houston to oklahoma city for this weekend. He’d been asking me about it over email the whole week.
Anna, Gina’s sister, came by with some Vietnamese food last night. I was very grateful and Bonus points- it tastes like my mom’s cooking.
We chatted and the pain pills started kicking in so Anna left.

Caleb came home and I remembered trying to tell him about Anna and him laughing at me. This morning he told me this is how it went
Caleb walks into the apartment, sees a waddle of blankets on the couch. The waddle moves and he realizes I’m underneath.
Me: I feel garble garble garble.
Caleb goes to the kitchen, and i begin talking about my day
Me: … friend came… garble garble garble..took candy…
Caleb waits for me to continue, but I don’t.
Caleb: Ok, that didn’t make any sense.
Suddenly I open both eyes and look straight at him
Me: Where am i?
Caleb: Jasmine, you’re in our apartment.
I get on my crutches and go to my bed.

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  1. Hmm…I think I may like your mom’s cooking too then =)

  2. hey jasmine. if we send you a basket of fruit or something, does that guarantee us an entry on your blog?

  3. hey my friend needs some advice:

    “Ive been taking multivitamin centrum performance. my question is if i added additional vitamins that are already within the centrum performance i.e. fish oil, vit E, b12 etc, should I be concerned with the percentages that I am intaking and if so what are the amounts that are healthy to take? thanks!”

  4. Ilir,

    Answer is a big fat NO. I know personally.


  5. Hey Gina! I’ll tell my mom to make some thit nuong next time she’s in town. Its her favorite recipe.

    Ilir- You have an entry in my heart already. Isn’t that enough? We all know the answer.

    Jennifer- Some supplements ARE dangerous in high levels. For example, iron. I think all the listed above are ok, the percentages are available online so you can see the certain ones you are specifically interested in.

  6. watch out for magnets if you take too much iron.

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