I wear a splint because I have significant TMJ due to grinding my teeth at night.
I try to eat less because I have significant butt due to eating from stress.
The other night I dreamt I was eating spaghetti that was really chewy.
I woke up and found I was trying to eat my splint.
I could have choked and died.
I’m so unsexy.

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  1. the first night i had to wear my mouth guard i couldn’t find it after i woke up. it took me days to find it in some corner under my bed. i must’ve ripped it off when i was sleeping. it took at least a couple of weeks for me to get used to it and be able to sleep through the night without unconsciously ripping it off.

  2. i now realize that that post may have been completely uninteresting. i guess i wanted to share mouth guard camaraderie.

  3. That happened to jasmine one time too. Except she looked in her potty everytime cuz she thought she swallowed it, but we found it under the bed a month later.

  4. Jennifer stop commenting lies!

  5. I’m gonna have to believe your sister even though I’ve never met her.

    To share in the camaraderie, I used to wear headgear with my braces to correct my overbite and would wake up with massive wet spots on my pillow from drooling all over it. It was so gross. I don’t think I was coordinated enough in my sleep to ever rip it off though.

  6. awww thanks you guys, I don’t feel so alone anymore.

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