As I was shopping around for gifts, I’d call my sister Jennifer for approval. She shot almost every idea down- which was frustrating, especially since the gifts that meant the most to me were often the crappy unexpected ones. ( Except for the first Nintendo. That moment will go down in history if I ever write an autobiography.)
Down Christmas Gift memory lane:
First was a doll that had blonde hair, blue eyes, a hat with different colors labeled on it and for some reason, a cookie strapped on her knee. I was being bratty and got upset, because in true tomboy fashion I wanted a robot instead.
I gave the doll to my little sister, who named it Cindy, and secretly I had fun playing with it too. We tried to eat the cookie. A robot never materialized into my life and I was actually pretty fine with that. Through the years we butchered Cindy’s hair and married her off to several of our stuffed animals and a Ken doll. But her steady boyfriend was a tiger named Tigery. It’s a little disturbing what sort of morals that may have reflected.
The Chronicles of Narnia bookset was next. I loved books, but these had old-timey illustrations on the front, and just looked like those out-dated books at the library that smell funny. I also didn’t like anything to do with fauns or things of that sort- half goat people creep me out. Now they’re one of the few books I still enjoy reading (adios RL Stine and Lois Duncan). Sadly, I still had biases against slightly weird illustrations, fauns, etc., so I was kept away from reading Tolkien until after the movies.
A few others include neon loops used to make potholders, a box of fuzzy balls, several crappy VHS movies, and a tin of popcorn in three different flavors.
So I was thinking maybe I should get something my little cousins might hate. It might just surprise them into something new- and save me some money. Sadly, in the end I chickened out and gave them cash to ensure their love for me. Oh well, maybe next year.

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  1. Nin-ten-do! Its a cereal! Nin-ten-do! with marshmellows!

    I always felt wrong watching the nintendo cartoon guy. With the control pad on his crotch. He kept poking at it-so wrong

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