10 more days and I’ll be home for Christmas!!!!!

Annelise mentioned we should sing carols for our patients. I imagine us dancing into the rooms like a barbershop quartet. If only that were true.
We should pass a hat around and the kids could give us spare change. Then we take our act to New York!

Sean Cumming’s Irish Pub has good fish and chips, even when they’re cold. I officially love Irish pubs.

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  1. Do they gots the mashed peas? When I was in london eating at pubs, all these girls were like, ewwww that’s soooo gross. But its just like mashed potatoes. They are dumb. Then one of them broke their foot and I wheeled her around the whole trip, even at heaven, the gay club. She was grateful but she always got scared when I wheeled her over curbs cuz the only way it worked was full speed. Well, not really but that was more fun.I forget what I was going to post in the first place…

  2. so you ARE coming back!! yippee!!

  3. Of course! i’ll be trekking along in my Honda Fit. I hope it doesn’t break down. Are we exchanging gifts this year?

  4. Wahoo! I might actually get to see you this Christmas!

  5. can we exchange gifts after Jan 1, when the After-Christmas-Sales have taken effect?

    just joking…or Am I?

  6. well, the t-shirts were sort of meant to be an early christmas present (sorry, i couldn’t wait), but we can do a $5 thing again maybe!

  7. Of course you might probably see me laura! I can’t wait to maybe see you too, possibly, sooner or later!

  8. Oh Nancy! no, I won’t fine you for giving your Christmas gift early. I was mostly asking “do I have to give you a gift back”

  9. Tricia, I got your gift from the January 2008 after Christmas sale. You need to plan ahead better.

  10. no. you don’t have to give me a gift back. just your love.
    actually i have made deals with friends before to get gifts after christmas.

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