It’s interview season, and the newborn team noted the amount of male interviewees that had been passing through.

Steph: That’s one of the reasons why I liked it here, seeing all the testicles running around.

me: Testicles running around?

Justin: Circumcisons gone horribly wrong.

Anyways, it is worthy of mention that our hospital has good diversity in our staff*. This lead to the idea of a new slogan:

Steph: Come to OU Children’s: We’ve got balls

*Diversity in the workplace has been shown to be useful in boosting creativity and constructive criticism. However, there are different types of diveristy, some which could negatively affect group cohesion. An example of bad diversity would be hiring both the Jets and the Sharks and expecting efficiency to increase. See also: Horwitz and Horwitz- The Effects of Team Diversity on Team Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic Review of Team Demography.

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  1. Wow, you guys sound busy at work…

  2. yes ms “I’m crocheting at work!” on facebook status.

  3. 8-)

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