the clouses

I am thankful for the nice people I know in Oklahoma. The Clouses, my workmates who were open to having me spend Thanksgiving with their families, for friends willing to help me and listen to me gripe, for just NICE people, you know? Funny people, witty people.
Jenn called and told me about the Thanksgiving the family had in Houston. The kids have grown fast. One of the is learning to play the cello. I wondered if Tricia would ever be interested in a duet recital.

Grandfather: Zoe, play us a jig!
Zoe: what’s a jig?
Grandmother: It’s a short song you sing. Like Turkey in the Rye.

Anyways, I’m excited the Christmas season is now in full swing. I’m going to hit the sack early because tomorrow Kelly and I are going to go shopping for presents. Yes, it’s that time where I have to prove the depth of my love and friendship by buying the perfect gift. I tend to lose a lot of friends each year this way.

Jennifer: Julie, do you have any ball rums? My mom wants me to bring home ball rums if you have any.
Julie: What? Do you mean rum balls?
Jennifer: Yes, yes same thing.

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  1. Ooooh, where’d you guys go shopping? I need to figure out what to get for people too. We should try to get several people together one day…I think it’d be a lot of fun. Just like junior high, a group trip to the mall! Yay!

  2. hehe! I miss those mallrat days.
    But i highly recommend for the best prices and most comfort.

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