Larissa had a good point today- some days you just think how nice it would be to have a a job that didn’t involve life and death. For example, accounting. I could go to sleep every night counting sheep. Or dollars. Or sheep holding dollars- making that ca-ching! noise every time they jump over the fence.
Well, now that I think about it, accounting could involve life and death if, say, I was an accountant for the Mafia. But I digress.
Cotton is the anesthesiologist resident with us, and he told me about how once as an intern this young woman had trouble breathing, and as they were preparing to intubate her she looks up straight at him and gasped “Don’t let me die!”
He said it concerns him to think that his face is the last thing people see before they go under sedation. Whatever, the guy is up there in capability. I worry the last thing patients see before sedation is me fainting.

Cotton: My friend is a surgical vet. someone brought in this rat and he tried really hard to save it. he was seriously upset over that rat.
Larissa: Being a surgical vet would be great. You get to do all the medical procedures without the debt and years of medical school
Cotton: But these guys have to know a lot about all sorts of animals. You have to deal with all of them, and they’re all different.
Me (half asleep): You can work on squirrels.
Cotton: ….what?
Me: huh? What? sorry, I don’t know why I said that.
Larissa: Specialize in squirrels? A squirrelogist??

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  1. hey,
    just want to say I kinda know what you mean. working with critically ill people who are hanging onto life by a thread, seeing behind the “curtain” (to use a Wizard of Oz metaphor)…seeing what 99% of the population does not see….seeing life hanging in the balance, and at times that balance swing into death….crazy…and then you drive home, crawl into bed. Numb. Detached. Only to do it all over again the next day.

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