I miss Public Health school. I’m just dealing with some money problems…not sure how I’ll pay for tuition. Have tried borrowing more- waiting on that. But it sucks to live on borrowed money.
Still, I’m interested in finishing what I started. Especially the management/leadership/theory classes. I also liked the behavioral classes. Dr. Horwitz, if you’re reading this, I haven’t forgotten!

Speaking of Dr. H, he had wanted one of us in the class to research “attention deficit syndrome”- or something like that. I forget. It’s not the disorder we hear about in the news, it’s just when people are so distracted by the options open to them- email, phones, music, instant messaging etc, that they can’t do their work. I definitely have it. I wonder how much workplace productivity has gone down now that the internet is so prevalent. But if employers took it away, how much more miserable it would be to be at work…?

During conference, I’m in the back, quietly texting my sister, trying not to be too obvious about it. Then a new message pops up

Divya: “Aren’t iPhones so cool? I never pay attenion in conference.”
Me: “Don’t make me laugh, they’ll find out”
Divya: “What will they do if they find out…”
Divya: “we may not get resident of the month?”
Me: “Don’t make fun of my dreams.”
Divya: “I’m not…I have that dream everyday.”

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