For some odd reason, I have the N’Sync song “This I Promise You” playing in my head.  Maybe Im picking up radio waves that left Earth 5 years ago and reflected off a satellite and has now just returned. Or maybe I just really love that song and can’t yet admit it.

Dr. Owens told me a story that has given me the chuckles for the past 5 hours. Sadly, I can’t figure a way to transcribe it properly. You’ll just have to trust me. It involves ears and cockroaches. Hee-larious.

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    What happened to the girl that had an uncanny obsession with BSB?! Don’t you remember the good times we had going to the BSB concert full of screaming tweenies and then arguing in the parking lot with a few of them while they were waiting for their parents about who was the hottest one? You even vowed never to listen to N’Sync for as long as you would live.

    You’ve changed so much, I don’t think I even know you anymore!

  2. I remember that night. I think about it almost every day. Remember running around with our flashlights pretending we were on Cops? “Live on location!”

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