I was grabbing a Starbucks coffee in Houston before heading to the airport (my dad insisted it be Starbucks, ugh) when I saw that the two customers before me were razzing the young barista dude behind the counter, and he was purposely driving them crazy.

Lady: Don’t…don’t tell me you voted for Obama.

Barista dude: I won! I picked the winning side! 

Customer Lady: Oh please please tell me you know something about the issues. Oh God, do you??

Customer Lady#2: I bet that’s what happened with the young vote. No issues.

Barista dude: I vote for whoever Madonna tells me to.

Middle-aged Vietnamese barista: It’s true. he went to Madonna show. He vote for Paris Hilton if he could.

It was good to see people so lively in the morning

Speaking of young people, Jenn told me about this time when her school had photobooths set up where people could take pics next to cutouts of the candidates.

Student: I’m voting for Obama! 

(goes to the picture of Obama that says “Obama/Biden” at the bottom)

Student (pointing to the names at the bottom): What’s a bidden?

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  1. I voted for him because he looks like a badass MiB.

    I mean…that’s what’s important, right?

  2. He’s so hot!

  3. He and JFK are easily our best-looking presidents.

  4. My history teacher told me that George Washington had great thighs (I swear this is true).

  5. Hmm…

    That’s awkward.

  6. i have no idea how she knew this nugget of info.

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