“But there are even more mistreated heroes – the very sad category of those who we do not know were heroes, who saved our lives, who helped us avoid disasters.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The Black Swan

I feel like McCain is one of those heroes. He’d done a lot for this country and during this campaign he’s been mocked for things like age (which he has done as gracefully as any of us could wish for). Is that a way to treat someone who has served America well? 

I think his character didn’t exactly shine through during the campaigning, but how many roads must a man travel before you can call him a man? Wait, what? What i mean is, we should respect someone for who they are, for who they were, or for who they will be. This covers a heck of a lot of people, minus serial killers.

I don’t know if McCain would have been changed if he had ascended to the Presidency. He seemed to be on the wrong path sometimes just before the election. He appeared much nobler during his concession speech, and I’m not saying that as someone who just loves to hear nice things said about Obama.

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  1. I was a big McCain fan 8 years ago and I remained one until about 2 years ago. I think that was about when he got off track and tried too hard to pander to the far right. It made me question his sincerity and question the choices he’d make if actually elected to office. The McCain who made that wonderful speech last night though was the McCain who existed before he decided to try to run for the presidency again.

  2. I totally agree. I feel bad if the real McCain was in hiding this whole time, due to the PR department.

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